Digital Marketing Services

In an age when people are much more likely to turn to the Web than the newspaper or television for information, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have an online digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing
Through tools like SEO, social media, Web design, lead generation and more, companies can utilize digital marketing to build leads, earn credibility with their customer base, and increase their revenue.

Digital Marketing components include:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SE0)
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Design | Responsive Web Design
  • Online Public Relations
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Make Sure Your Website is SEO Ready:

  • Is your site useful and worth coming back to?
  • Did you conduct keyword research and know which words to build your site around?
  • Are your meta tags and meta descriptions filled out?
  • Is your site responsive for mobile devices and desktops?
  • Did you provide Google with a sitemap?
  • Are other sites linking and referring to your site?
  • Did you create local or business profiles? Social media profiles?
  • Are you creating fresh content at least once a month to add value to the online community?
  • Is your content unique, useful and informative?
  • Did you inner-link your most important pages to each other?
  • Does your site pass the 3-second test? After 3 seconds, most web surfers know if they want to stay and stay on your site or bounce off your site. Google analyzes user-experience statistics.

Strong Web Design

Proper Web design and development is an important part of digital marketing. Not only does your website lay the foundation for search engine optimization efforts, but it is also a representation of your business. A user generally takes only 4-6 seconds to decide whether he or she is going to continue browsing a website. This makes a well-designed landing page and an easy-to-use navigation panel vital for a successful website, particularly for e-commerce.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile design now plays just as crucial a part in a digital marketing campaign as web design for desktops. With mobile sales on the rise, it’s more important than ever for websites to offer responsive design, as e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing and most competitive arenas. And, if you’re aiming to attract local customers to your site, know that nearly 60% of mobile users are searching for local businesses every month.

A website that is truly responsive is coded to seamlessly adapt to any platform; the layout, text size, navigation and images of a website will be able to fit the screen of any mobile device to ensure users are still afforded an optimal experience. The great thing about a responsive design is that it doesn’t require companies to create an entirely new website just for mobile users; all that’s required is back-end coding to properly adjust viewing and layout.
Success in digital marketing depends on a web design that affords an optimal user experience across platforms.

Online Public Relations

Like any traditional press release, an online press release should be highly informative. However, the key to ensuring that an online press release makes its way around the web is to create a press release that’s also engaging; its title should be announcing something relatively interesting, while its content should include meaningful quotes from a company representative, links to a company website or relevant sources, and concluding information that communicates the company’s prominence. A press release can also integrate researched keywords and phrases as an SEO tactic. These same strategies can be applied to an online media pitch.

It’s also a good idea to create a separate media page on a website to archive all press releases and additional media content (such as television interviews, etc.). This not only helps visitors to a site learn more about a company and its latest news but makes it more likely that Google will view the company as an authority when indexing, which in turn can improve search results ranking.

The Value of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Principal Search Engine Marketing services include Paid Search Management (PPC), Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) Management, Content/Display Network Advertising, Banner Ad Design, and Landing Page Optimization.

Because PPC continues to grow internationally, more and more businesses are devoting resources towards Adwords and other methods of online advertising due to continued success. Not only does a great landing page containing strong, relevant content and good design, but Ad visibility is improved for companies that direct web traffic to rich landing pages.

Is Google AdWords Worth it?

A pay per click service like Google AdWords is probably the most popular and effective method of establishing ad visibility, as it’s been known to offer customers a high return on investment. A Google AdWords advertisement can be customized to appear when users type in specific keywords or key phrases relevant to a company, or when these searches are conducted by users in a specific region, which is an ideal strategy for those targeting a local audience.

This type of targeted advertising increases a company’s odds for conversion, as an Ad will only appear on a search engine results page of a user that was already searching for a related product or service. While most companies strive for organic clicks rather than those generated from paid advertising, the truth is that users are almost just as likely to click on a site that’s advertised when conducting a general search. Advertising dollars spent on Search Engine Marketing are worth it; this avenue for potential growth and improved rankings should not be overlooked.

You Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing matters. Through online marketing, you can track results more easily than with other traditional methods and stay up-to-date on the most recent and successful marketing strategies to help further your business. It’s hard to ignore the growing significance of having a digital presence, regardless of your industry or the size of your business… and more often than not, such strategies should be left to the digital marketing professionals in order to get the desired results.

We Are A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Online search is continuously evolving and requires a dedicated team of experts who are current with the latest search algorithms, updates, and industry news. A good digital marketing campaign also requires time that most businesses simply don’t have – nor do they have the resources to hire an entire team of experts for the job. By hiring a reliable and ethical digital marketing agency, you’ll have a team of experts who understand the dynamics of every nook and cranny within your industry and can help your company reach online success.

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