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Q-Create offers Website Security Solutions to keep your website safe from hackers. Keep your website under your control!

WordPress Security Analysis & Protection

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and has been for quite some time. That means there is a non-stop onslaught of hackers trying to break into even the smallest of sites. Since WordPress is so powerful in what it can do, that means it’s equally dangerous in terms of what it can be susceptible to.
While we provide security protection to all clients we build sites for, we also provide security services to clients with sites built by others, because we believe in a safe and secure internet.

How It Works

We begin by making a backup copy of your site before we do anything, just to be safe. We’ll scan that backup copy to make sure no malware has made it on to your site, check for basic security practices that should always be followed (stop using that admin username!). Then, we’ll harden the security of your WordPress installation by limiting login attempts, enabling security scanning and brute force detection with IP blacklisting. We’ll disable unnecessary functions in WordPress that allow attackers a means of scanning for backdoors and vulnerabilities. We can also hide your login page by changing the URL, and even make it completely inaccessible during certain hours to limit hack attempts.

Getting Started

Since every site is different, rather than price our security services as a package, we offer it at an hourly. Most sites (if not already hacked) will take only 1 hour. If you’ve already been hacked, we can help restore your site to working order, but it may take longer than an hour. Contact us for more information.

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