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Connecting Stores To Customers
Whether you’re a retailer with an e-commerce store or a physical store front, your web presence plays a key role in your success. Most online experiences begin with a search engine, and many consumers will research a product online before making an online or in-store purchase.

Optimizing for maximum ROI

It’s important your website is up to speed and ranking highly on search engines for branded and unbranded terms. Our SEO consultants know the ins and outs of internet marketing and can help you receive the highest possible ROI.

Local Optmization

One of the underlying components of a successful SEO campaign is the keywords. If your website and social media profiles don’t integrate frequently searched terms that are relevant to your site pages, then they will not register on search engines or be accessible to consumers. Our SEO consultants at Q-Create will run a keyword analysis to determine the best terms for each of your site pages. Our content development team will then see that your keywords are integrated into your page’s metadata and content. For retailers with physical storefronts, our SEO experts will also utilize local SEO to ensure your retail store has local business profiles that are optimized for local terms. With effective local SEO strategies, your website will rank highly on search engines for local searches.

Mobile Optmized Website

Maybe you have an e-commerce store that isn’t getting the conversions you want. Today, more consumers are using mobile devices, i.e. tablets and smartphones, to access the internet. It’s important for your website to utilize responsive web design, meaning your website seamlessly adjusts to fit the screen of any electronic device. Having a website that requires viewers to zoom and shrink the screen to view products and content can frustrate consumers. To decrease your website’s bounce rate and increase time on site and conversions, our web designers will revamp your site’s design to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Expand your opportunities

Whatever your goals may be, our experienced SEO consultants at Q-Create will see that you accomplish them. To attract more customers to your store and surpass your competition, send us an email. We look forward to learning about your desires and discussing our service options.

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